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January 2017
Y. Shibasaki, K. Funakoshi, K. Shinoda, "Boredom Recognition based on Users' Spontaneous Behaviors in Multiparty Human-Robot Interactions", in International Conference on Multimedia Modeling 2017, pp. 677-689.
December 2016
中臺一博, 坂東宜昭, 水本武志, 干場功太郎, 小島諒介, 糸山克寿, 杉山治, 公文誠, 奥乃博, "HARK 2.3 の紹介とタフロボティクスチャレンジへの展開", in 第17回 公益社団法人 計測自動制御学会システムインテグレーション部門講演会, 公益社団法人 計測自動制御学会, 2016, pp. 2175-2178.
November 2016
E. Y. Huang, 仁科繁明, "身体性錯覚下での他者運動知覚" 2016.
November 2016
R. Artstein, D. Traum, J. Boberg, A. Gainer, J. Gratch, E. Johnson, A. Leuski, M. Nakano, "Niki and Julie: A Robot and Virtual Human That Influence Human Decision-making", in 18th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction 2016, pp. 402-403.
November 2016
T. Kobori, T. Nakamura, M. Nakano, T. Nagai, N. Iwahashi, K. Funakoshi, M. Kaneko, "Robust comprehension of natural language instructions by a domestic service robot", Advanced Robotics, vol. 30, no. 24, pp. 1530-1543, 2016.
November 2016
F. Dugas, E. Nichols, "DeepNNNER: Applying BLSTM-CNNs and Extended Lexicons to Named Entity Recognition in Tweets", in Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text (WNUT) 2016, pp. 178-187.
November 2016
R. Gomez, K. Nakamura, "Environment compensation using a posteriori statistics for distant speech-based human-robot interaction", in IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 2016), IEEE, 2016, pp. 1211-1216.
November 2016
K. Wakabayashi, J. Takeuchi, K. Funakoshi, M. Nakano, "Nonparametric Bayesian Models for Spoken Language Understanding", in Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2016, pp. 2144-2152.
November 2016
小島諒介, 杉山治, 干場功太郎, 鈴木麗璽, 中臺一博, "空間情報を用いた鳥の歌分析", in 人工知能学会 第46回 AI-Challenge 研究会予稿集, 人工知能学会, 2016, pp. 25-31.
November 2016
森戸隆之, 杉山治, 小島諒介, 中臺一博, "部分共有アーキテクチャを用いた深層学習ベースの音源同定の検討", in 人工知能学会 第46回 AI-Challenge 研究会予稿集, 人工知能学会, 2016, pp. 12-17.