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Innovation through Science

Innovation through Science

HRI creates innovations through science in cooperative intelligence and cooperative devices for a hybrid society where intelligent cyber-physical systems, humans and nature co-exist harmoniously.

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Welcome to Honda Research Institute

Innovation through Science

This is what makes the Honda Research Institute Japan a unique place. The duality between science and innovation. We want to understand and we want to apply, we want to analyse and we want to synthesize. We are engaged with many universities and academic partners in collaborative research while at the same time join our colleagues in Honda R&D in their effort to create new value for existing Honda products or new products that go beyond our customer’s expectations. At the Honda Research Institute Japan we are committed to understanding intelligent communication and sensing for cooperation and we are excited about showing its value when creating intelligent cyber-physical systems for the future society. Several of our associates teach at universities and are engaged in many activities in the scientific community. At the same time, the ability to create sustainably intelligent systems level by level in a long-term engineering process gives us the unique opportunity to go beyond single scientific questions towards a holistic integrative approach of cooperative intelligence. Welcome to Innovation through Science – Welcome to the Honda Research Institute Japan.

CEO / PresidentBernhard Sendhoff

Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS)

Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS) will be the result of several technological streams growing together, converging to create a new type of society: the Intelligent Cyber-Physical Society. It will be a hybrid society in which intelligent entities will live around, with and even in us. Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems are characterized (as the naming already suggests) by advances in materials, sensors, energy devices, actuators and concepts of manufacturing on all spatial scales; i.e. all items that relate to the physical appearance and the capability of a metabolism-like degree of independence and comprehensiveness. However, they are equally characterized by a new level of intelligence that requires a substantial understanding of the human and its environment and that will lead to intelligent entities that we can trust in and that feel empathy towards their human partner irrespective whether they take the appearance of a friendly faced robot or an invisible machine that takes care of our health inside of our body.