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Simultaneous Reflection on Inquiry into Principles and Social Implementation in Pursuit of the Swiftest Innovation

The Honda Research Institute (HRI) was established as a place for research to tackle solving human problems through innovative technology, beyond the framework of mechanical engineering for automobiles, motorcycles and so on, which has been the traditional business domain of the Honda Group. Outside of Japan, HRI also has sister institutes in Germany and the United States. Providing a collaborative research environment together with universities and other academic partners in Japan and abroad, HRI is engaged in frontier research, including exploring new technological fields, with a focus on next-generation AI.

The guiding principle of our activities is “Innovation through Science.” By conducting research in “Pasteur’s Quadrant” as described by D. E. Stroke—in which we simultaneously consider the pursuit of principles, or science, and real-world applications—we quickly give shape to new technologies and ideas, and create new value that can be utilized in society. Through this, our aim is to enhance people’s joy in life and affect a paradigm shift in the way people relate to technology in their lives.

Please join us in realizing a new future society by harnessing the power of advanced technologies.

President Satoshi Shigemi

Company Outline

Company Name
Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd. (HRI-JP)
Satoshi Shigemi
8-1 Honcho, Wako-shi, Saitama 351-0188, Japan
Date of Establishment
January 6, 2003
50 million yen
Business Description
Research and development of advanced technologies