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June 2011

Ego noise cancellation of a robot using missing feature masks

  • G. Ince, K. Nakadai, T. Rodemann, H. Tsujino, J. Imura,
  • Applied Intelligence,
  • vol. 34,
  • no. 3,
  • pp. 360-371,
  • 2011,
  • Journal paper

We describe an architecture that gives a robot the capability to recognize speech by cancelling ego noise, even while the robot is moving. The system consists of three blocks: (1) a multi-channel noise reduction block, comprising consequent stages of microphone-array-based sound localization, geometric source separation and post-filtering; (2) a single-channel noise reduction block utilizing template subtraction; and (3) an automatic speech recognition block. In this work, we specifically investigate a missing feature theory-based automatic speech recognition (MFT-ASR) approach in block (3). This approach makes use of spectro-temporal elements derived from (1) and (2) to measure the reliability of the acoustic features, and generates masks to filter unreliable acoustic features. We then evaluated this system on a robot using word correct rates. Furthermore, we present a detailed analysis of recognition accuracy to determine optimal parameters. Implementation of the proposed MFT-ASR approach resulted in significantly higher recognition performance than single or multi-channel noise reduction methods.

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