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About HRI


Innovation through Science

“Innovation through Science” is our guiding principle. Humankind is currently facing many problems, such as global environmental destruction, energy depletion, increase in population, lack of food and water, and, in developed nations, an aging society along with a declining birthrate. To contribute to a bright future for society, the Honda Research Institute (HRI) is tacking these issues with science and technology, and is also proposing new values for a future society.

Our approach is to deeply understand the origins of the problems, and create new functions and values from insights that we obtain.

"Understanding and learning from humans; and understanding and learning from nature".

Keywords representing the vision of HRI is understanding and learning from humans and understanding and learning from nature.

In intelligence science, we work to understand and learn from humans to grasp the nature of humans and then create innovative technology useful to people.

In nanoscience, we work to understand nature and learn from nature to so as to understand nature and materials at the atomic and molecular level with the goal of creating innovating technology useful to humans living on the Earth.