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Cooperative Intelligence

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Cooperative Intelligence is Artificial Intelligence
Embedded in a Social Context

Cooperative Intelligence

Cooperative intelligence is the ability for machines to optimally use limited resources to achieve goals in complex environments together with others. Where Artificial Intelligence focuses on the capability,
Cooperative Intelligence ensures confidence and trust when interacting with artificial systems. The interaction can take place for the benefit of the system, e.g. to cope with restricted functionality and robustness or to use interaction to teach the system.
However, the interaction can also benefit the human.
Even if the system is able to perform a task autonomously, cooperation can be desireable for several reasons. In order to have confidence or even trust in the system, we need to understand its state and intention. There are other reasons why we might prefer cooperation to autonomy in the AI system.

Cooperative Intelligence enables us to build up a relationship of confidence
and trust with artificial systems, it enhances our capabilities, allows us to
share our experiences and to strengthen our role in society

  • Enhancing

    Supporting the human in retaining
    and enhancing our skill.

  • Sharing

    Sharing our experience for an
    emotional and trusting relation.

  • Mattering

    Contributing our skills to society
    without reducing our self-reliance.

  • Cooperative DrivingCooperative Driving
  • Cooperative CreativityCooperative Creativity
  • Cooperative WorkshopCooperative Working
  • Cooperative SupportCooperative Support