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Cooperative Devices

Research Areas

Cooperative Devices are self-contained micro interfaces
between the human body and machine intelligence
in Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems (ICPS).

Cooperative Device

The ability of cooperative devices to measure the human and environmental state, to process and to relate the information to the situational and temporal context enables them to enhance, coach and support the human and to share emotions.

Cooperative Devices monitor & measure the individual and environmental state to understand the user's physical & emotional condition and feed back appropriate actions, while securing one's privacy information

Cooperative Devices should be with the invidual at all times, therefore, they need to be unnoticeable, microscopic, flexible and energy independent, while being highly connected, e.g. devices can be immersed in clothing, jewelery or other personal items.

Cooperative Devices ‒ embedded into our daily lives
to enable spatio-temporal ubiquitous support

Cooperative Devices