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This institute focuses on research and development of advanced science technologies.
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Our Policy on Proposals from External Parties

We sometimes receive external proposals for various ideas related to Honda's manufacturing and business, such as technology, design and brand name. We, all employees wish to express our sincere gratitude for your expectations and interest in our business at Honda.
However, Honda also conducts research, development and accompanying business activities independently in various fields from day to day, and therefore Honda's unique unpublished idea (Intellectual Property) could be the same or similar to the proposal in all or a part of.
Therefore, we are taking the following measures to avoid situations where there is a misunderstanding or conflict between the proposer and Honda due to that reason. As a general rule, Honda does not accept any proposal from external parties. If you proposed your idea to Honda, regardless of the policy of Honda above, we understand that such proposal shall be deemed as made in agreement on the conditions below.
  • ・We shall not guarantee internal verifying and evaluation of the proposal.
  • ・We shall not be obliged to make any response to the proposal.
  • ・We shall not be responsible or liable for any damage including monetary compensation,
  •     in the unlikely event that Honda's product, service, etc. is the same or similar to all or part of the proposal.
  • ・Honda shall have no confidentiality obligation regarding the proposal.
  • ・Honda shall not be obliged to return any materials related to the proposal.
If you wish to make a proposal to Honda despite our policy above, you may also send it to the following address, and thus we understand that such proposal shall be deemed as made in agreement on the conditions above. Thank you for your understanding.
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Corporate Intellectual Property Department
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
8-1 Honcho, Wako-Shi,
Saitama-Ken, 351-0114, Japan