Randy Gomez - Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd. (HRI-JP)

Randy Gomez

  • Principal Scientist
  • Research Division
Human-Robot Interaction, Speech and Signal Processing, Multimodal Interaction

Randy Gomez - Biography

2001/04 Masters Degree University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
2003/10 Doctoral Degree, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
2008/04 Research Fellowship including JSPS, Kyoto University, Japan
Academic Accomplishment
2018/03 R. Gomez et al., “Haru: Hardware Design of an Experimental Tabletop Robot Assistant,” IEEE/ACM HRI: 233-240, 2018

R. Gomez et al., “Robust Speech Recognition Based on Dereverberation Parameter Optimization Using Acoustic Model Likelihood,

“IEEE Trans. Audio Speech & Language 18(7): 1708-1716, 2010

2009/01 R. Gomez et al., “Techniques in Rapid Unsupervised Speaker Adaptation Based on HMM Sufficient Statistics,” Speech Communication 51 (1): 42-57, 2009